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Online Speech Practice Activities and Materials

Below are links to free materials or online games and activities for speech practice

American Sign Language Browser

Articulation Activities/Games/Ideas

Have More Fun
Speech pathologist Tracy Boyd shares online games and ideas for articulation (school age population)

Materials That Can Be Adapted for Therapy
From Judith Kuster

Phonetics Animation Project
This is an incredible site with animated library of all the sounds in the English (and the Spanish) language and how they are made, which structures move, and so forth. Additionally, there are step by step descriptions of the movements for each sound. There is also an interactive diagram of the articulatory anatomy.

AAC Language Lab
From Prentke Romich

Speaking of Speech Material Exchange
PDF files of speech therapy materials

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

Vocal Development
developed by David J. Ertmer, Ph.D., assistant professor in the department of Audiology and Speech Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN. His research interests center on the development of oral communication by young children with cochlear implants and speech production in children with hearing-impairments. Strategies can also be helpful to children with other speech production issues.

Word lists for Communication Boards, AAC
Vocabulary lists and conversational phrases for preschoolers and school age. Get ideas for carrier phrases.