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How State Insurance Commissions Can Help With Insurance Funding

Our organization works with parents to assist them in understanding how to file insurance appeals regarding speech therapy. One tip that is perhaps underutilized is having consumers request the assistance of their State Insurance Commission in resolving issues. Filing a complaint can actually be accomplished with some ease because most states have online submission for complaints. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a website which can assist consumers in various ways. One section allows consumers to click on their state and directs them to the complaint form for the Insurance Commission in their state. CLICK HERE and follow the links to your state.

How can involving State Insurance Commissions help? First of all, most state Insurance Commissions are consumer-friendly and exist to provide help to consumers from their state. Secondly, they can actually investigate, intercede and get involved. Finally, the state Insurance offices will keep data on the types of complaints that are filed, regarding what topics, and what issues. Having such data on the number of consumer calls regarding speech therapy reimbursement problems could be valuable information to assist in national advocacy efforts aimed at improving speech therapy benefits.

So, if you are experiencing a problem with securing insurance approval for speech therapy why not file a complaint? Speech-language pathologists and pediatricians can also help by suggesting the idea to parents experiencing difficulties and in some states the providers are permitted to file a complaint themselves.