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Apraxia Therapy Materials for Apraxia

Helpful for expanding expressive language, often a difficulty for children with apraxia. This game can be modified and creatively used to also address word stress.

Easy Does It For Apraxia and Motor Planning
by Catherine E. Chamberlain, Robin Strode
Ages 4-12
This best-selling program targets sound sequencing, closed syllables, and precise vowel production for improved intelligibility. You’ll get goals and objectives, detailed lesson plans, a therapy tracking sheet, hand signals and descriptions, troubleshooting techniques, and a built-in reinforcement system using an athletic theme.

Easy Does It For Apraxia Preschool
by Catherine E. Chamberlain, Robin Strode
Ages 2-6
The program includes action activities using gross and fine motor movement as well as helpful hand signals for vowel sounds. You’ll also get take-home activities and a consonant inventory to check progress.

Kaufman Speech Praxis Workout Book
The Kaufman Speech Praxis Workout Book, for both clinicians and parents, helps to improve expressive language without adding difficult motor movements. These exercises give children with apraxia of speech a verbal-motor workout to stabilize the pronunciation of consonant-vowel combinations for m, p, b, t, d, n, and h words and phrases

Moving Across Syllables
by Jill Kirkpatrick
Develop improved sound and syllable patterning skills essential to supporting intelligibility in connected speech. Complete assessment and intervention program designed for use with children who have difficulty expressing sequenced movements orally within and across syllables. Ideal for the systematic treatment of children with phonological disorders, dysarthria, and developmental apraxia.

See it Say It Sound Production
The See it, Say it® Activity Book contains worksheets and therapy activities for the illustrated cards in the See it, Say it® Flip Book. The worksheets allow the child to practice at the beginner (sound), intermediate (syllable), and advanced (word) levels. Therapy activities and reproducible mouth pictures are included to encourage carryover practice. A CD-ROM with the same worksheets and activities is also included.

PROMPT© based materials you need to assess and treat clients with speech production disorders; materials useful for planning PROMPT based treatment and for allowing SLP’s to easily assess clients, set appropriate goals, choose words and use functional activities.

Word Flips
Word FLIPS™ includes three sections of identical picture words with four tabs in each section that divide the words according to articulatory placement: Bilabial, Alveolar, Velar, and Palatal. Begin teaching severely unintelligible children by having them repeat identical earlier developing sounds, such as “boo-boo-boo”. Older or more verbal children can practice a variety of sequences, such as “tie-tea-shoe” as a “warm-up” to practicing sentences.