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A Poem

Mindy Wagner, mother of Garrett, diagnosed with suspected apraxia of speech

All of the expectations
Still loom in the back of my mind
Remembering the day that they told me
That he was more than a little behind
He looks at me with great beauty
And an always glistening eye
As if he knows theres a problem
And he is looking and asking “why?”
All of the answers he’s wanting
Are still questions I ask inside
Trying to find the answers
The emotion, I’m trying to hide
I am realizing how strong God has made him
How he grows and learns more each day
He has strength and determination
I know silent he will not stay
There is a world out there that needs him
Needs all that he has to give
So through the years we will teach him
How to talk, how to love, how to live
This is but a fleeting moment
So I kneel at the bed and pray
For the strength that God has given my son
And the power to teach him today