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For in-depth knowledge about apraxia of speech in children. Our library features an extensive and advanced collection of more than 250 articles available on dozens of topics related to children with apraxia of speech.

  • Understanding Apraxia

    Basic information about Childhood Apraxia of Speech, definitions, characteristics, speech & language development basics.

  • Diagnosis & Treatment

    In depth articles about diagnosis, speech therapy, and intervention for children with apraxia of speech...

  • Education & Schooling

    Find articles about education, learning and school-related needs of children with CAS. What to include in school programs...

  • Insurance Issues

    Understand health insurance coverage for speech therapy; appeal insurance denials, court decisions, tips for gaining coverage, etc.

  • Other Disabilities

    Learn about other diagnoses and conditions that can co-occur with childhood apraxia of speech; autism; down syndrome; CAPD

  • Apraxia Research

    Childhood Apraxia of Speech research abstracts and citations, research articles, presentations, current CAS research projects.

  • Resources & Support

    Learn about Apraxia Parent Support Groups; download handouts and flyers; and see resources about all issues related to children with apraxia of speech.

  • Spanish/Espanol

    Los artículos aquí se escriben en español.

  • Family Matters

    Here you will find success stories and articles written by parents of children with apraxia; inspirational poems; and first person accounts.