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We know that one of the most common issues our families face is a lack of knowledge about childhood apraxia of speech in the general public and even among many types of education and childcare providers. When people do not know what apraxia is, children are misjudged, mislabeled, and mistreated. We have come so far in making apraxia known, but we still have miles to go!

YOU can help Be the Voice for children and families struggling with apraxia by spreading awareness in your community today!

  • Order a free set of print materials for distributing to friends, families, and classrooms
  • Hold a fundraising event in your community
  • Hold a “Wear Blue” day at school or work
  • Share your story online using #ApraxiaAwareness
  • Buy Apraxia Kids gear from our online store
  • Attend your local Walk for Apraxia!
  • Share Apraxia Kids resources with your speech therapists


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