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Children with apraxia of speech represent a very interesting and yet extremely challenging population of youngsters with speech disorders. These children are among those children most severely impaired of all children diagnosed with a speech disorder. Additionally, at any given point in time, children with CAS represent just a small proportion of children on the caseloads of SLPs. Consequently, relatively few clinicians have substantial experience providing successful speech therapy to these same children. While research interest has heightened and made progress in recent years, there are still many gaps in the scientific literature related to this disorder.

This “Childhood Apraxia of Speech Start Guide for the Speech-language Pathologist” provides a brief overview of current information related to understanding the nature of the disorder, its assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The guide is meant as a summary and not an exhaustive resource related to all potential impairments of a child with apraxia of speech, though many such issues receive mention throughout the review and further reading is recommended. Throughout the various sections of this overview are listings of additional “suggested reading” from the extensive CAS library available on the Apraxia-KIDS website. Finally, many resources and citations were used in the writing of this guide and the reader will find references at the end.