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Watch Your Child with Apraxia Grow!

Watch Your Child with CAS Grow

You are already on the road to becoming your child’s best advocate.  But along the way, don’t forget to simply stop and enjoy your child!  He or she is still the same wonderful, beautiful child as before the diagnosis of CAS.  No matter what your child’s speech ability, he needs to have opportunities to simply be a child.   So be sure to spend time together having fun in all the activities you both enjoy.

By reading this Guide, you have already gained knowledge to begin helping your child grow and develop.  With each passing day of this “journey”, you will continue to learn and so will your child.  There will be ups and downs and “dips” along the road, but you and your child will move forward.

If you are like most other parents of children with CAS, you will also note that having a child with special needs changes your life, but that while different, the changes aren’t necessarily a negative thing.  At first it may seem that way.  And life surely can be stressful when a parent is worried about a child.  But with experience, successes, and, well, mostly TIME, new perspectives often emerge.  Fear may be replaced by resolve and persistence. Many parents report having greater appreciation for the magic of watching a child grow, never again taking for granted good health or small gifts.  Parents report that they and their children develop more compassion and understanding toward others who may have “differences” of some sort or another.

So, our ending advice is to be kind and patient with yourself.  You, too, are growing and changing – just as your child is – and Apraxia-KIDSSM is here to help.  We hope that you will join us in our mission so that every child with apraxia has their best opportunity to develop speech.  Please read further to learn about CASANA and its services.