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About CASANA: Advocating for Every Child To Have a Voice

CASANA was founded with the mission of improving the system of support in the lives of children with apraxia and their families so that each child can develop speech to their full potential.  We do this through:

  • Increasing awareness, information, and support
  • High quality educational experiences for parents and professionals
  • Support for research into CAS and the researchers doing the work

Our slogan is:  Every child deserves a voice, and whenever possible, the one that is their very own.  While this slogan speaks to their speech capacity, it really means so much more.

Children with apraxia deserve to be heard, understood and appreciated as well as feel their own personal power through self expression.  Communication is perhaps the most important of all human qualities.  If a child has the ability to develop intelligible speech, they should be given that opportunity.  This is our passion and this is what CASANA’S work is about each and every day!  Please join us to embrace and advocate for these amazing children!  You can click here to find out how to help.