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We have prepared this list of questions and answers to help those who are considering registration or those who are already registered.

Do I have to register and pay to attend the conference?
Yes. Conference registration is required in order to attend conference sessions and events. 

Does the registration fee cover both a husband and wife to attend?
No, the registration is for one person.   One possibility for parents is to share one name tag. In other words, you can go to sessions that interest you and then pass off your nametag to your husband/wife so that he/she can attend the sessions that are of interest. You would not be able to attend together as an official name tag is required to enter conference session rooms, but you would be able to attend what really interests you.

If my husband and I are sharing a nametag can we both attend breakfast and lunch?
No, one nametag = one meal. You must have your nametag on in order to enter the dining area.

Will you give me a discount on the registration fee?
The registration rate is already discounted for parents and taking advantage of the Advanced Early Bird Rate or the Early Bird Rate should also be helpful. Information on possible scholarship opportunities will be available soon.

Does my registration include travel and hotel costs?
No. The conference registration includes your admission to the conference sessions, conference materials, an opening reception, and breakfast and lunch for two days. You must make and pay for your own hotel and travel arrangements.

Can I register for only one day?
After July 1st and only if the conference is not already sold out (which it could be), there is a possibility that one day registration will be accepted. Partial ASHA CEU’s would be available to professionals for one day registration should it become available.

Can I register for just one session? 
No, we are unable to operate a conference successfully with the added complexity and documentation that would be required.

Why Do I have to pay to attend?
Plain and simple, the process of planning and implementing a national conference with hundreds of attendees and the top apraxia experts in the world costs money. CASANA is a nonprofit organization and in order to put on the conference, we must have funds to do it. Registration fees help pay for the costs associated with a conference of this scale. We have surveyed other similar conferences and our registration fees are relatively modest compared with other large national conferences and for the level of program being offered.

Can my children attend with me? 
No, the conference is designed for the adult learner (18 years and older). Children are welcome to attend the opening reception if they are at the event location and are supervised by a parent who is a conference registrant. Children are not permitted in the conference sessions. The only exceptions to this are nursing infants under one year of age. However, if an infant would begin to fuss or cry, it is expected that parent will take the infant out of the conference session until he/she is quiet again. If this circumstance ends up applying to you, please have consideration for other conference attendees and use good common sense. Parents of infants who do not follow this guideline will be asked to leave the conference session so as not to disrupt it for all others.

Are there other ways to discuss other apraxia related topics if there is no session on a topic? 
At one of the lunches at the conference we will set up “topic tables”. Each table will be marked with a sign indicating a specific topic that registrants might like to discuss. You can then sit at that table and discuss the topic with others who are also interested in that particular subject. There will also be tables with no subjects attached for those who would just like to relax a bit. You will have the opportunity to suggest a topic during the registration process.

Are you providing babysitting for the children of attendees?
No, you must make plans for your child. The hotel can provide a list of local babysitters.

Is CASANA providing my dinner?
No. Dinners are not included in your registration fee.

Can I attend the Donor Reception if I want to talk with the speakers? 
Only individuals who have donated $250 to CASANA in the past 12 months and/or 2016-2017 Walk for Apraxia Coordinators are eligible to attend the reception. If you would like to make a donation of this value, please click here to donate and then you will receive an invitation. We have created this very special opportunity to thank those who have given generously and are most responsible for assuring that the organization’s mission continues today and into the future for other parents and professionals beyond themselves.  Those who attend the donor reception get to mingle on a one to one level with our prestigious apraxia experts and speakers.

Are there discounted hotel rates?
Yes.   Information on the conference venue hotel and discounted rates is coming soon. Please note that when you call you must ask for the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association 2017 group rate.

Can I have my child evaluated at the conference?

I can’t come but would you send me a videotape or audiotape of the conference afterward?
No. We do not have funding to cover the cost of equipment rental, videotaping, editing and packaging and the associated staff costs. Additionally, speakers do not uniformly agree to have presentations taped. If you are aware of grant funds or are able to donate funds for this goal, please contact Kathy Hennessy, conference director at If funds were available it is possible some speakers may agree to be taped. 

Can CASANA change the time of a session that I want to attend because there are two sessions I want to attend at the same time?
No. The schedule has been set and cannot be changed to accommodate one or several people. We work hard to try and offer sessions twice and to have sessions of interest at all times during the conference.

I cannot attend the conference can CASANA provide me with handouts anyway?
No, at the request of our speakers, handouts are only made available to paid conference registrants.

Are there handouts available?  How will I receive them?
Several weeks prior to the conference, participants in the Continental United States will receive through the US Postal Service a flash drive with the handouts pre-loaded on it. Participants can choose to download and/or print out their own handouts from the flash drive for no additional fee. Residents of Canada and other locations outside the U.S. will receive their flash drive when they check in at the Conference.

Will continuing education credits be available for members of the American Speech and Hearing Association who attend the conference?
Yes, provided participants are members of the American Speech and Hearing Association and  comply with all requirements to be awarded ASHA CEU’s. Attendees are eligible to receive a maximum of 1.2 ASHA CE credits for full attendance of this Conference. Partial ASHA CE Credit is available at the Conference.

If I register for the conference can I also attend a pre-conference session?
The pre-conference sessions are an additional registration fee. If you would like to attend a pre-conference session, you will have the option to choose one at the time that you register and pay the additional fee. You are not obligated to register for a pre-conference session and should do so only if you are interested in attending the session.

Will continuing education credits be available for members of the American Speech and Hearing Association who attend the pre-conference sessions?
Yes, provided participants comply with all requirements, ASHA members are eligible to receive .2 ASHA CEU’s for attending a pre-conference session.

Can I receive continuing education credits for my professional organization that is not ASHA?
It depends. All attendees to the conference will receive a “certificate of attendance.” Several professional organizations, other than ASHA, will accept CASANA’s certificates of attendance as proof of attendance and will offer continuing education credits to its members. You will have to check with your own professional organization in order to determine if this would be true for you.

Can I record audio, video, or take any photographs during 2017 National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech?
The use of cameras, audio recording devices, and video recording devices, including cell phones, is prohibited at the 2017 National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech. The use of professional lenses and flash photography is strictly prohibited at any time. All participants, volunteers, and/or speakers found to be performing any of the above mentioned, from July 6, 2017 through July 8, 2017, will be asked to leave immediately.  CASANA personnel reserve the right to require all participants, volunteers, and/or speakers to turn off such devices during all 2017 National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech related programs and/ or events.