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WEBINAR – What To Do When They’re Two: Assessment and Treatment of Young Children with Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech

This event is on February 10, 2016 1:00pm

About this Event

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Overview of Webinar:

Thanks to the success of awareness campaigns targeting early identification of speech and language disorders, as well as government-funded birth to three programs, it is not unusual for a speech-language pathologist to meet prospective patients who are between the ages of two and three years old. However, in its 2007 position statement, ASHA asked speech-language pathologists to be cautious with diagnosis of CAS in children under age 3 given the “high rates of co-morbid conditions” in children with CAS, particularly when they are in this age group.

What is an SLP to do when CAS is suspected in this population? In this webinar, we will discuss how to build an assessment battery comprising direct and indirect assessment measures so that the child’s entire communication system can be examined.  Next, we will discuss how to determine the relative contribution of speech versus language deficits in this population. We will look at how to design treatment to improve the child’s major areas of need, and look at the role of parent counseling and education, given the child’s age and potential course of treatment.

This session will provide information regarding typical communication development in this age group, discuss speech and language assessment in children under three years of age, and offer several approaches for treatment when very young children present with suspected CAS.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this Webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss typical speech and language development in children between the ages of two to three.
  • Explain how to determine whether speech or language deficits are the primary contributor to a child’s overall
    communication disorder.
  • Understand how to triage deficits by order of importance in the evaluation process.
  • Learn about new research highlighting potential early signs of CAS and SSD.

Timed Agenda:

Minutes 1-5    Introduction & overview

Minutes 6-15    Typical speech development in this population

Minutes 16-25    New research highlighting early speech development in children with CASs

Minutes 26-45    Speech and language evaluation and how to triage deficits by order of importance

Minutes 46-65    Designing & Implementing treatment: Areas of focus, techniques, and the principles of motor learning

Minutes 66-75    Parent education, counseling & the transition to official diagnosis

Minutes 76-90    Questions

Registration Information:

Regular Registration: $35

Professional Registration with ASHA CEU’s: $50 

This course is offered for .15 ASHA CEU’s (Intermediate level, Professional area)

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Featured Speakers:

millingtonMarnie Millington, MS, CCC-SLP, is the co-owner of Children’s Speech & Feeding Therapy, a private practice in Needham, Massachusetts. Her current focus includes assessment and treatment of children with Motor Speech Disorders. She has created an intensive treatment program for children with CAS and also provides weekly intervention for children with this disorder. She has consulted and created treatment plans for children with CAS for colleagues to complete. Marnie has trained graduate students and practicing SLPs in Massachusetts and other states and is an adjunct professor at Emerson College and Northeastern University. She is also a graduate of the CASANA Intensive Training Institute on CAS.

Disclosure: Ms. Millington is a graduate of CASANA’s Intensive Training Institute on CAS. She will be paid a stipend for this presentation. There are no other relevant financial or non-financial relationships to disclose.