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2016 Apraxia Awareness Day

This event is on May 14, 2016

About this Event

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On May 14, 2016, the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) invites communities worldwide to become aware and educated about the needs, challenges, and abilities of children affected by apraxia. Apraxia is among the most severe speech and communication problems in children. Children affected by apraxia of speech have difficulty planning and producing the precise, highly refined and specific series of movements of the tongue, lips, jaw, and palate that are necessary to produce clear, intelligible speech.

Suggestions for Observing May 14, 2016 – Apraxia Awareness Day





Use your blog on May 14th to write about apraxia and Apraxia Awareness Day. Share something related to:

  • How has your child with apraxia taught you important life lessons; or
  • The special grit, “guts”, determination and resilience of kids with apraxia and your/their families.

Be sure to alert us to your blog so we can share in our social media channels!


Use Apraxia Awareness images for your Facebook or Twitter profile picture and your cover photo (see some below). Update your status frequently on May 14 and share information you feel is important for your friends to know and understand!  We will be adding graphics to those below and have made them in a number of colors for you to use your favorite!(Please note: CASANA’s images may be used by individuals but may not be used for commercial or sales purposes.)

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