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2016 Apraxia Bootcamp – Intensive Training Institute

This event is on July 27, 2016

About this Event


2016 Application.pubThe Childhood Apraxia of Speech Intensive Training Institute (Apraxia Bootcamp) was designed as a means by which our organization could strategically identify and intensively train qualified and interested speech-language pathologists in order to BOOST their clinical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of CAS. It is intended to provide North American-based speech-language pathologists, who already have significant experience with CAS, an opportunity to become “master” clinicians who can serve as local/regional experts and potential mentors for other clinicians.

Equally important in this mission, CASANA has intended to disperse such expertise geographically throughout North America so that families seeking help for their child would be able to locate a highly qualified clinician with CAS expertise in their state or region.

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