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Cooper’s Family Gives Back to Other Apraxia Stars

When Cooper’s speech therapist suggested that Cooper might have Childhood Apraxia of Speech, his mother Kimberly was at a loss. Afraid and in denial, she went home and took to Google. CASANA was the first site that came up. “I cried reading about the disorder,” she wrote. “I knew we were up in for an uphill battle.”

Now, years and countless hours of therapy later, Cooper has found his voice.

Carlson Family CheckJust a year after her son’s diagnosis, however, that goal seemed very far away. At age three, the only word approximation Cooper had was ‘mama.’  “Cooper continued in speech but it was clear after a year and no progress that his SLP just didn’t have the specialized skill set needed to deal with apraxia.” She began making phone call after phone call to try to track down someone who knew how to treat him.

Thankfully, Kimberly returned to CASANA’s website and found speech-language pathologists that could help him. He began therapy with Patricia Kasten, and the rest is history. “I cried the first few sessions as she drew sounds out of my son that I had never heard him utter,” Kimberly says.

Last month, he and his family did something amazing with the help of the Colten Cowell Foundation – they gave back to help other children just like Cooper. Cooper and his family were chosen for a program run by the Colten Cowell Foundation, whose mission is to “create unforgettable experiences for families impacted by significant life challenges.” Cooper’s family was chosen enjoy a night of excitement and fun at the World Famous Crime Fighting Cave, and afterwards was asked to pick a nonprofit of their choice for which to donate $2,000 dollars.

“We chose CASANA because Cooper has apraxia, but he’s found his voice!” says Cooper’s mother. “I hope with the donation it will help other kids find theirs, too!”

Kimberly and Cooper, we can’t thank you enough! If you too would like to help children like Cooper find their voices, you can donate here.