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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CASANA Webinars (updated as of 8/26/2015)

1. What are the system requirements for CASANA webinar attendees?

CASANA webinars can be accessed on Windows, MAC, and Linux on all browsers. Our webinars are 100% browser based.

2. What do I need to do in order to view the videos in the webinar?

CASANA Webinars use FLASH to stream videos. If you do not already have FLASH on your computer, you will need to install the free download at:

3. How do I register for a CASANA webinar?

You can register online at or call 412-923-3401 to register by phone.

4. Should I register for the webinar ahead of time?

Yes, CASANA offers a finite number of “seats” for registration. Once the maximum number of seats has been reached the event is sold out. CASANA webinars tend to sell out quickly.

5. When will I receive log-in information?

You will receive the necessary information to log-in to the webinar a few days before the webinar and then again the day before the webinar. You can test your connection ahead of time at

6. How do I log-in to a CASANA webinar session?

You will receive an e-mail, sent to the email address that you used when you registered, with log-in information a few days before the actual webinar. Log-in information cannot be forwarded to you by friends or colleagues; your log-in information is unique to you.

You will be able to view the webinar on your computer screen and hear the webinar through the speakers on your computer.

7. What happens if I have trouble logging in to the webinar?

If you have technical issues logging into the CASANA webinar room or during the meeting, please click here to find the proper phone number for support in your area,

In order to maximize available system resources it is best to close all non-essential applications on your computer. Rebooting your computer will solve the majority of technical issues. Before calling technical support please reboot your computer and make sure you are using a wired internet connection

8. What time is the webinar?

Webinar times are posted in United States Eastern Standard Time. You can visit to identify what time the webinar begins in your specific time zone.

9. Will this course be recorded for later viewing?

Some of CASANA’s  live webinars are recorded and will be subsequently available in the On-Demand Webinar Library at However, it is not guaranteed that every live webinar will recorded, or if recorded become available in the On-Demand Library.

10. Can I tape the webinar myself and view it later?

It is a violation of CASANA’s copyright to audio record or video record the webinar in any way for any use.

11. Will there be a podcast of this webinar?


12. Can I earn ASHA CEU’s by attending this course?

Yes. CASANA does offer American Speech-Hearing Association CEU’s for webinars. You must register at the professional registration rate and follow the instructions for filling out the required paperwork, including the assessment which must be passed with at least an 80% in order to be eligible for ASHA CEU’s. CASANA will process the ASHA CEU submittals.

13. Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance?

Yes, Certificates of Attendance will be downloaded at the end of the webinar.

14. Will there be handouts?

If handouts have been made available by the speaker, registrants will be able to download them prior to and during the webinar.

15. Can I share my handouts with others?

Handouts and other materials are for paid registrants only and should not be shared with anyone who has not paid a registration fee.

16. How can I ask questions to presenters during a webinar?

After the lecture portion of the webinar, participants may type their questions into the chat  box and click enter.. Audience members are asked to only post questions about the topic being discussed in the forum. Audience members are also asked to hold questions until the end of the discussion.

17. What If I forget to Log-In At the Time of the Webinar?

It is the responsibility of registered attendees to attend the webinar at the designated time. There are no refunds for your failure to attend the webinar.

18. When Are Refunds Issued?

Refunds will only be available if our system software fails. There is no refund if your individual connection is poor or your computer is malfunctioning. There is no refund if you forget to attend or if you log-in at an incorrect time. It is the registered attendee’s responsibility to know when to log-in to the webinars given their geographic location and their own time zone.

19. If I purchase a “live” webinar from CASANA will I then be able to access that webinar through CASANA’s On-Demand Webinar Library?

CASANA’s On-Demand Webinar Library is a completely different platform than a “live” webinar presentation. Your registration for a CASANA “live” webinar is not interchangeable with the purchase of a webinar through the On-Demand Webinar Library. By purchasing a “live” webinar through CASANA, you do NOT automatically have access to it through the On Demand Library should it become available on that platform. If you are unable to log-on for the “live” webinar that you registered for, you cannot view it in On-Demand Webinar Library should it become available on that platform.