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The Latest News, Events, and Information on or Related to Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Diagnosing The Wrong Deficit
For some people — especially children — sleep deprivation does not necessarily cause lethargy; instead they become hyperactive and unfocused. Researchers and reporters are increasingly seeing connections between dysfunctional sleep and what looks like A.D.H.D., but those links are taking a long time to be understood by parents and doctors. New York Times, April 27, 2013 – Read complete article here.

2013 Arizona Apraxia Walk Butterfly Release
On April 27, 2013 Arizona held its first official Walk for Children with Apraxia at the Desert Breeze Park in Chandler.  The event was a huge success with over 250 participants.  However, one very unique happening was a live butterfly release.  Lynn, Carahaly, one of the walk coordinators for the event, had the idea. She especially wanted each child with apraxia to have a butterfly to release and to also honor Josephine Gay, one of the young children who died at their elementary school in Newtown, CT and who had apraxia.  Watch this video of the butterfly release honoring “Joey” and, indeed, the soaring spirit of all children with apraxia.  Watch the butterfly release

May 14 is Apraxia Awareness Day
Childhood apraxia of speech is a disorder that seriously interferes with a child’s ability to develop clear speech. CAS makes it difficult or impossible for an affected child to plan the movements of the lips, tongue, jaw, etc. that are needed for speech. – Journal Standard, May 1, 2013 – Read the complete article here.

Relationship Between Speech Motor Control and Speech Intelligibility in Children with Speech Sound Disorders – Journal of Communication Disorders, April, 2013

Severe Speech Sound Disorders: An Integrated, Multimodal Intervention – Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in the School, April 2013


Suggestions for Observing Apraxia Awareness Day on May 14, 2013

We hope that you will join us in observing the first ever Apraxia Awareness Day on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. This special day has been officially entered into the U.S. Congressional record and proclamations are being issued in a number of states! Our Apraxia Awareness Day page includes several ways you can observe as well as help raise awareness in your very own communities. This includes several ideas of things to do, such as reaching out to your local news media with a sample press release or a sample “letter to the editor.” You can raise awareness within your own social network by using your personal Facebook, Twitter, or Blog pages. Also, we have many Apraxia Awareness Day products available in our store, including t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, mugs, banners, and much more! Find out more here: – May 2013 

Check Out CASANA’s Apraxia Professional Friends Directory
View a list of professionals that support CASANA and our apraxia cause! Click here to view complete list of those professionals: – CASANA Professional Friends Directory


May 3, 2013 – Albuquerque, New Mexico Apraxia Workshop – Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Comprehensive Assessment and Effective Treatment – presented by Margaret A. Fish, M.S., CCC-SLP, author of the book “Here’s How to Treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech” and CASANA Professional Advisory Board Member

May 5, 2013 – Greater Atlanta Area Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech

Silent Stars Foundation – 4th Annual Strike Out Silence Bowl-A-Thon – Chicago Area

May 11, 2013 – Finn’s Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech

Braylen’s 1st Annual Mobile, AL Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech

NW Arkansas Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech

May 14, 2013 – First Apraxia Awareness Day

May 19, 2013 – 4th Annual Connecticut Walk-A-Thon for Children with Apraxia of Speech

May 22, 2013 – Tampa, FL Apraxia 101: A Parent Seminar on Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Click here to view more educational and awareness events

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