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We are pleased to share some new and updated resources that are perfect handouts for the “lay” person, including teachers, grandparents, extended family, friends, and other community members.

New and free apraxia print materials are now available here!


Example letter to teachers:

Letter to Teachers of Young Children1


Handouts and Brochures

  • My Child Has Apraxia: Letter To A Teacher

    Explains childhood apraxia of speech in easy to understand language for new teachers in a child's life. Gives a list of suggestions and aid to teachers. Download

  • Letter to Teacher of Young Children

    This is a one page Word document that can be "personalized" to every child. Created by Diane James and used with her permission. Download

  • If I Could Only Tell You, I Would Say

    What would children with apraxia of speech tell us -- if they only could? This is an awareness building information flyer to help put perspective on the struggles and thoughts of children with apraxia. Download

  • What You Should Know About Childhood Apraxia of Speech

    This is an easy to read brochure, explaining apraxia of speech in simple terms for the lay reader. This can be a great brochure to give parents, extended family, neighbors, friends and community members. Download

  • New Spanish Version! Lo Que Deberia Saber Acerca de la Apraxia del Habla Infantil

    (What You Should Know About Childhood Apraxia of Speech) Download

  • How To Find A SLP When Your Child Has Apraxia

    This handout identifies questions and issues for parents to consider when locating a SLP for their child and also has suggestions on where to locate experienced SLPs. Download

  • Apraxia Kids Halloween Trick or Treat

    Spread awareness of childhood apraxia of speech on Halloween! This handout explains CAS and states that your child is still learning to say "Trick or Treat"! Download

  • Letter to Santa

    Make visiting Santa as fun for children with apraxia as it is for all children! This download will tell Santa about your child and has spaces for you to fill in your child's wish list of presents! Download

Better Hearing & Speech Month Downloads

  • About Childhood Apraxia of Speech

    This handout details some of the most important speech features of Apraxia of Speech in Children. Download

  • Treatment Approaches for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

    Read about basic speech therapy principles that are most often used in effective speech therapy for childhood apraxia of speech. Download