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Brooke, Portsmouth, RIStars

Mother of Collins, age 5


We are a family of eight. Collins is our beautiful daughter and is our 4th child. She has Apraxia amongst some other disabilities. We do everything together and work as a team. Collins is treated no different than her other five siblings and she keeps up with them very well. We love spending our time out doors, especially at the beach!

We have been greatly blessed with in home and school therapists over the past three years who have advocated strongly, along our side, for Collins. However Collins has had a few moments in public where our world felt like it was crumbling because of her lack of ability to communicate with me.  She has made quite a scene, leaving on-lookers a little disgusted with her behavior.  I have had a few people even say something about it. Advocating is a hard battle sometimes, even in defending or educating someone who might not understand why our world is crumbling. But it’s our job and we will never stop!

Our family has a motto that we say together has a family during our bedtime routine every night. We have taught our children that we all have challenges and how we get through them is our choice.  I would say it’s also our motto for Apraxia. It goes like this:

Gallaghers do:
•Hard things
•Put others first
•Live with gratitude
•Love on another
•follow Jesus Christ

Remember who you are and the name you bare!

Apraxia Awareness Day 2