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Suggestions for Observing Apraxia Awareness Day


State & Federal Proclamations

Brochures, Posters, Cards

Awareness Gear

Awareness Webinar

Twitter Chat


Facebook Activities

Video Contest

Kids Art Contest

Classroom Activities

Graphics & Logos



  • Put Apraxia Awareness Day on online calendars of newspaper and news websites (For example, check website of your city or neighborhood paper, Patch (
  • Submit the Apraxia Awareness Press Release to a local newspaper
  • Write a “letter to the editor” of your local paper about Apraxia Awareness Day. We’ve created a sample for you to adapt as you see fit (see template online).


CASANA has created a website where you can go to sign up to volunteer to pursue having your state legislature acknowledge Apraxia Awareness Day. We have created this sign up form so that efforts on the state level can be consolidated and volunteers do not duplicate requests to state governments. Look for your state, sign up and email Kathy Hennessy at  for a template for your proclamation and keep us updated on your progress. Click here to visit our sign up page, someone has already signed up for your state there are many other things that you can do to raise awareness about Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Check out some of the other ideas on this page!

White House – CASANA has already requested a White House Proclamation for Apraxia Awareness day. It would also be very helpful for all individuals to write a letter to the White House and personalize it (see template letter) or visit your Congressional representatives and educate policy makers of the critical need to provide adequate speech therapy and other services so that the impact of this disorder can be minimized and so that affected children can grow into productive, contributing adult citizens.

Congress – CASANA is working with Congressional representatives and will be having a proclamation acknowledging Apraxia Awareness Day placed in the Congressional Record of the United States House of Representatives.


Poster and Brochures

CASANA will have a limited number of several types of brochures and a poster available free of charge for individuals to distribute in their area. Individuals can order 1 package of materials per person/family free of charge. A package includes;

  • 5 Awareness Brochures
  • 2 Teacher Brochures
  • 2 Awareness Posters

Packages of free materials can be ordered by individuals from April 1, 2014 through April 15, 2014 (first 300 people). Packages will be shipped once from CASANA on April 28, 2014. Through CASANA’s online store,, individuals can order additional packages, as described above, for $10.00 per package. Packages ordered through the CASANA’s online store will be shipped as orders are received.

Business Cards for Adults and Children

Download and print a sheet of Apraxia Awareness “Business Cards”.  Office supply stores have pre-marked blank card paper that you can print this to and then distribute from your pocket!Download:


We have created an online store featuring just Apraxia Awareness Day items with our official logos for you to purchase which includes t-shirts for everyone in the family, buttons, bumper stickers, mugs, banners and more. You can visit the store at:, CASANA has some awesome items in its Apraxia-KIDS store such as a sterling silver two disc necklace for apraxia awareness, apraxia awareness wrist bands, giving bands, declaration bands, and more! Visit the store at:


We will be hosting an online “LIVE” Webinar on May 14th at 12:00 Noon US/EDT! Join CASANA’s Founder and Executive Director Sharon Gretz, M.Ed. (mom of young adult with CAS history), Education Director Kathy Hennessy (Mom of 2 young adults with CAS History) and Apraxia Expert David Hammer, M.A., CCC-SLP from CASANA’s Professional Advisory Board. They will answer your questions about childhood apraxia of speech! Check back here in the near future to register and learn more.


Tweet throughout May 14 to provide valuable information about apraxia. We will also have a Twitter Chat on Apraxia at 2:00 PM US Eastern Daylight Time. Use #ApraxiaAwareness & participate!


Use your blog on May 14th to write about apraxia and Apraxia Awareness Day. Share something related to:•How apraxia affects your child and family; or•The special grit, “guts”, determination and resilience of kids with apraxia and your/their families.Email and alert us to your blog so we can share in our social media channels!


Watch out for our Facebook Trivia Contest from 10 AM – 11:00 AM (US/EST) on the main Apraxia-Kids Facebook page, There will be a new apraxia related trivia question every ten minutes for an hour.  One person with the correct answer from each question will be randomly chosen to receive an Awareness Giving Band from the Apraxia-kids online store. Use Apraxia Awareness images for your profile picture and your cover picture (see below). Update your status frequently on May 14 and share information you feel is important for your FB friends to know and understand!


New this year for Apraxia Awareness Day, CASANA is sponsoring a VIDEO CONTEST.  We are looking for Public Service Announcement type of videos under one minute in length. There are no age restrictions.Here are a couple of tips for making your video,

  • Before you start, decide who your audience will be. Is your video for teachers, SLP’s or parents? Maybe you would like to create something for peers?
  • Make it fun and involve everyone, siblings, friends, moms, dads, maybe even grandma has something she wants to say.
  • Use what you have; Shoot your video on a camera phone, web cam, handheld FlipCam! We are interested in content and creativity, so don’t let a lack of technology hinder you from submitting a video. We want to see your video!
  • Be clear and concise – sixty seconds goes by quickly.
  • Have fun! This is a great way to learn more about Apraxia, and we want you to make it a fun project for you and your friends.

A few guidelines:

  • Videos should be one minute or under in length.
  • Please send videos in and FLV, MOV or MP4 video format.
  • Send your video to through Dropbox,, Please include your contact info, including the name and age of the filmmaker.
  • The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2014.

Submissions will be divided into three age groups;

  • 12 years old and under.
  • 13 – 18 years old.
  • 18 years old and above.

There will be one winner chosen from each age group. Winners will be chosen by a CASANA Committee and will receive a $50 ITunes Card. The Committee will select submissions, including the winning submissions, to appear on CASANA’s YouTube Channel.


Children 13 years of age and under can enter the “Kids Picture Contest.” Submissions will appear on CASANA’s Pinterest Board. Pictures drawn by children with CAS should be scanned and sent to CASANA at, along with the child’s name, age and an email address. The Contest Winner will be selected by a CASANA committee and will receive a $25 ITunes Gift Card. All submissions will be added to CASANA’s Pinterest Board. The deadline to submit original artwork is May 1, 2014.

We also have printable CASANA coloring pages available here, here, and here.


Many of our families enjoy spending time in their child’s classroom and would like to share some activities in the classroom that would raise Apraxia Awareness with their child’s peers. Following are some activities that you can facilitate in your child’s classroom:

  • Art class:
  • Students can make posters depicting situations that might be difficult for a person with CAS. The posters could be hung around the school hallways.
  • Have students make bookmarks that promote CAS awareness
  • Library: Have the librarian create a corner display with books/videos that deal with communication difficulties.
  • Invite the school SLP or a local SLP to come into class to talk about CAS.
  • Create bulletin boards that will inform other students about CAS.
  • Have students write an essay/poem about what it would be like if your friends couldn’t understand what you were saying.
  • Sign language: Have everyone in the class learn one sign and teach it to the rest of the class.  Discuss who uses sign language and why someone who is not deaf might use sign language.
  • Play the “telephone game” to show students the importance of listening.
  • Have everyone sit or stand in a straight line.
  • One person at one end of the line whispers a word or phrase into the ear of the person sitting or standing next to them.
  • The next person will then whisper what they hear to the next person, and so on, until the person at the other end of the line receives the given word or phrase.
  • Have the last person say the word or phrase out loud. Usually what the last person hears is not what the first person whispered!
  •  Host a scavenger hunt in the classroom. Use objects that might apply to communication difficulties or CAS. For example; plastic/magnetic alphabet letters, red wax lips, etc. After the hunt have a discussion on the objects used in the hunt and what they might have to do with communication.
  • Have the children create Public Service Announcements that could be read over the PA system throughout the day on Apraxia Awareness Day, May 14, 2014.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the class that will inform students about CAS and communication difficulties.


Logos below can be downloaded and used on your Facebook profile for Awareness Day!  Also, we have a customizable facebook cover where parents can insert their child’s photo (I love someone with apraxia) Click here to get the template. Instructions for how to customize are located here.

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