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Apraxia Kids is pleased to announce the recipients of the research grant award for 2018.  Dr Elizabeth Murray from the University of Sydney in Australia and Dr Shelley Velleman from the University of Vermont are the principal investigators of a unique international research project that has been awarded supportive funds from Apraxia Kids.  They are joined by co-investigators Dr Jonathan Preston from Syracuse University and Haskins Laboratory, as well as Dr Patricia McCabe and Dr Rob Heard from the University of Sydney.

Differential diagnosis of CAS is a key challenge to clinicians worldwide and there is a significant research need to develop clinically efficient diagnostic protocols for valid and reliable assessment of children at pre-linguistic and later stages of CAS.  The present international research collaboration will assess the reliability of expert diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech. This will be the first study to use samples from at least 100 children between 2-18 years with at least one type of expressive communication disorder (many of whom will be suspected of CAS) with raters from different research teams.


There are two specific aims as follows:


Aim 1: To determine inter-rater reliability of CAS diagnosis by expert listeners.

Aim 2: To determine factors related to raters’ agreement of judgment.


It is hoped that this will lead to solutions that might improve reliability in the future.  Such information may be used for projects in training clinicians to identify characteristics that most reliably predict a CAS diagnosis.


Apraxia Kids and the CAS community at large will be looking forward to the results of this 2-year study.  We want to thank all of the researchers who applied and the members of the Professional Advisory Council who reviewed the applications to determine the final awardees.