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Apraxia Awareness All Year Round

A Letter from Our Executive Director    

Dear Friends:

I write to you today with immense gratitude for your strength as
a community who comes together, celebrates, and raises our children up again and again. The entire month of May was Apraxia Awareness Month. Across the world, you took this event further than it has ever gone before! I am thrilled by the enthusiasm and dedication that our larger apraxia community shares to raise awareness and to educate our own local communities about apraxia.

During Awareness Month, every day of May was an opportunity to improve the lives of children with apraxia by raising awareness in your
local and online communities. Every single day, you took that challenge! We had record numbers of online engagement as you helped us reach more and more people 
outside the apraxia community. 26 States declared May 14th Apraxia Awareness Day. Over 3,100 free webinars about apraxia were downloaded from our Webinar Library as a part of our Awareness Month webinar giveaways. With your help, we were able to reach over a million people throughout the month. Both online and in-person, our community truly showed up to spread apraxia awareness.

All of this is made possible by your continued support and engagement. I will keep my letter short because this newsletter is chock-full of important news for our apraxia community! Keep reading to find out more about our Conference Early Bird rates, our Be the Voice program, and more! Thank you for continuing to be a part of the amazing community we call our own.


Angela Grimm
Executive Director


Awareness Month Roundup 5





Awareness Month

During May, our community came together to raise awareness everywhere. In schools, on social media, in government offices, and more, YOU were out there raising awareness about apraxia! Together, we were able to reach more than a million people via social media. We had over 685 new members join our online apraxia Facebook group, as well as over 3,100 downloads in our Webinar Library. This month was amazing, and it doesn’t stop here!


How Can We Keep the Convo Going?

Apraxia Kids Be the Voice LogoThough Awareness Month is over, our efforts don’t end here! Join the movement! Have an idea to raise awareness in your community? Team up with our Be the Voice program to have a run for apraxia, host a school-wide “wear blue for apraxia” day, or read a book about apraxia to your child’s classroom. Or something else! The possibilities are endless. Join us now to Be the Voice for apraxia in your community today – because change begins with each and every one of us.

To find out how to join the movement, visit our website!


Join Your Local Walk Community

PrintThe internet has been a great tool to make it easier to find others but there is no substitute for connecting with others face-to-face. We urge you to join a local Walk for Apraxia. With over 60 events confirmed for the 2018 Walk season all over the country, the Walk is a great way to meet others nearby and to talk about what apraxia means to you. Together we build our community! Last year we had 14,000 people across North America walk with us in solidarity.

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Conference Earlybird Rates

National Conference Register Graphic

Register by June 22nd to take advantage of our lowest rates for the conference! The Apraxia Kids National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech is the only major conference on the speech, language, learning, and life needs of children with apraxia. The Conference brings together parents, professionals, educators, and others who are seeking the most up-to-date  learning opportunities available.

The Conference will be held July 14-16 in Charlotte, NC. Register now for the best, early-bird savings!

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Speech Tablets For Apraxia

Speech Tablets for Apraxia Reminder


The first application deadline for our Speech Tablets for Apraxia program is June 15th! In this program, qualified children with a diagnosis of apraxia of speech are provided with speech tablets and protective cases in order to assist with speech practice, for use as a communication tool, and for educational support.

To learn more about the program and how to apply, visit our website!

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Apply to Make an Impact

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator (1)


Are you passionate about connecting families of children with apraxia with the resources that can help their children thrive? Apraxia Kids is seeking individuals who have a commitment and understanding of childhood apraxia of speech to serve in a Volunteer role working together to make a larger impact across the communities we serve. These individuals will work collectively with local volunteers and professionals to ensure that every child with apraxia is afforded their best opportunity to develop optimal communication skills. 

Applications are due August 10th. Visit our website to learn more about the position!

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New from our Webinar Library

Tests and Measurements

Making Sense Webinar GraphicNothing can be more intimidating and confusing than a bunch of numbers, symbols, and jargon attempting to explain a child’s capabilities on a diagnostic report. This session is designed to help participants understand how to discern much of the technical terms and measures typically used in speech language pathology and audiology. The session will also address the types of information that should to be included in the report to make it more helpful to future professionals the child may work with, as well as family members.

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Supporting the Circle

Rusiewicz 2018 Webinar GraphicThis webinar, presented by Dr. Heather Rusiewicz, will review literature on the impact of CAS and the family unit according to the experiences of parents. The webinar discusses ways in which to incorporate the larger family and social circles in patient and family centered care practices.  

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Sign Language to Support Speech

Ebert 2018 Webinar GraphicThis session, presented by Cari Ebert, MS, CCC-SLP, will outline the benefits of using sign language specifically with children who have been diagnosed with CAS or suspected CAS. Participants will acquire specific strategies for incorporating sign language into the therapy plan to help achieve functional communication while simultaneously addressing motor-speech goals. 

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Ways to Give

There are so many ways to give to children with apraxia. A simple donation is not the only way! Our new Ways to Give page is full of ideas and suggestions of concrete ways that you can make an impact on the life of a child with apraxia. 

Some examples:

  • Employer Matching Programs
  • Sponsorship
  • Shopping through Amazon Smile
  • Donating Stock

Want to find out how you can make an impact?

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Noelle student

Student Showcase

Noelle Scolieri, a Communication Disorders student at Geneva College in the Pittsburgh area, recently presented a project that focused on developing a book as a tool for children with apraxia of speech to use in therapy. Noelle’s Speech Pathology undergraduate project involved writing a children’s book designed for speech practice for children with CAS. Noelle has already written a couple of novels as a young writer, and we hope that she will continue to produce more for children with apraxia of speech!

The book was co-authored by Dr. Elaine Hockenberger, David Hammer, and Kenda Hammer, CAS and literary experts.


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6.15.2018 Deadline to apply for the Speech Tablets for Apraxia Program
6.22.2018 Deadline to Register for National Conference with Early Bird Rates
7.14.2018 National Conference begins in Charlotte, NC


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