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Conference Registration, Awareness Month, and more!

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A Look Back, A Look Forward

A Letter from Our Executive Director    

Dear Friends:

As I pass the six month mark of my time at Apraxia Kids, I cannot help but reflect on how tremendously impressed I have been with the dedication of our volunteers, staff, board members, and community at large. I want to thank each and everyone one of you for the passion that you bring to the table in order to build support in the lives of children with apraxia. The resilience, dedication, and commitment of this community is unfailing.

I have also been so appreciative of our community throughout the process of stepping into a new chapter of our life as an organization. Last month, we announced our decision to rebrand our organization and move forward as Apraxia Kids. Our mission – to strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia – has always remained the same, and you have helped us breathe new life into our organization while remaining true to our heart as a community. We will continue to use our new logo, name, and brand to foster growth, reach, and support the community we call our own in order to make the world a brighter place for children with apraxia.

With our goal of increasing awareness and support in mind, we are excited to announce several exciting initiatives this month that are underway. First, we are thrilled to tell you that we have launched a new line of free awareness materials designed to help communicate the challenges of apraxia to friends, family, teachers, classmates, and more. These are available to order free of charge on our website!

Additionally, several of our signature programs are in full swing. Our Apraxia Kids National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech is open for registration! Our conference is the only major conference on the speech, language, learning, and life needs of children with apraxia. We are now accepting early-bird registration and can’t wait to see you in Charlotte, NC in July!

Walk for Apraxia season is also upon us. Our Walk for Apraxia program brings together over 14,000 people across North America annually to celebrate the children with apraxia in their lives. To date, for the 2018 season we have over 45 Walks confirmed with more Walks coming online every day. We hope that you will go to our new Walk for Apraxia website to locate the Walk nearest to you!

As always, thank you for being a part of our growing community. It is a privilege to be a part of such a vibrant, passionate, dedicated group of families, professionals, volunteers, staff, and board members. Read on to find out more about the exciting things happening in our apraxia community in the month of April and beyond.


Angela Grimm
Executive Director

Apraxia Awareness Month

Awareness Day? How About Awareness Month!

Every year on May 14th we celebrate Apraxia Awareness Day and commit to spreading awareness in our local and online communities. This year we are increasing our efforts and extending Apraxia Awareness Day to Apraxia Awareness Month! Celebrate with us for the ENTIRE month of May!

Looking for a way to get involved? Look on our website for ideas to spread awareness, including reaching out to local media, writing blogs, and showing off apraxia awareness gear from our store!

Apraxia Kids Be the Voice Logo

Join the Movement!

Are you planning to raise awareness about apraxia during Apraxia Awareness Month? Are you feeling inspired to keep supporting children with apraxia? Fill out our Be the Voice survey! We can provide you with informational resources to distribute and online fundraising pages. Join the Movement, Be the Voice!

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2018 Walk for Apraxia Season 

2018 Walk for Apraxia season has begun! Many of our Walks across North America are open and ready for registration. To find a Walk near you, go to our new website and search on the map or by zipcode! We can’t wait to raise apraxia awareness and build community with you and your family.

National Conference Register Graphic

Conference Registration Now Open!

You can now register for our Annual National Conference! The Apraxia Kids National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech is the only major conference on the speech, language, learning, and life needs of children with apraxia. The Conference brings together parents, professionals, educators, and others who are seeking the most up-to-date and in-depth learning opportunities available.

The Conference will be held July 14-16 in Charlotte, NC. Register now for the best, early-bird savings!


Speech Tablets Grant Program Accepting Applications

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Speech Tablets for Apraxia Program! In this program, qualified children with a diagnosis of apraxia of speech are provided with speech tablets and protective cases in order to assist with speech practice and use as a communicational and educational tool.

This program, in its seventh year, as created in recognition of the volume and intensity of speech practice necessary for children with apraxia. In a recent research study, parents and therapists reported positive experiences using the speech tablets, noting that it helped motivate children with apraxia and reduce frustration.

Ready to apply? Check out our website with further information!

Upcoming and Free Updated Sized

Free Webinar Every Month!

stoeckel webinar researchThis month’s Free Webinar, “Researching the Research” was given by Ruth Stoeckel, PhD, CCC-SLP. This session helps concerned parents and SLPs evaluate the credibility of claims made regarding different treatment methods and materials. The webinar is designed to help participants learn how to make informed judgments about using different kinds of treatments. This webinar is free for the entire month of April!  


Upcoming Webinar: Supporting the Circle

Rusiewicz 2018 Webinar GraphicThis webinar presented by Dr. Heather Rusiewicz on May 10th, 2018 at 10:00am EST. This presentation will review literature on the impact of CAS and the family unit according to the experiences of parents. Ways in which to incorporate the larger family and social circles in patient and family centered care practices will be discussed.  
This webinar is on May 10, 2018 at 10:00am EST.

Upcoming Live Webinar:

Using Sign Language to Support Speech

Ebert 2018 Webinar Graphic

This session will be presented live by Cari Ebert, MS, CCC-SLP. The webinar will outline the benefits of using sign language specifically with children who have been diagnosed with CAS or suspected CAS. Participants will acquire specific strategies for incorporating sign language into the therapy plan to help achieve functional communication while simultaneously addressing motor-speech goals. This webinar will be given on May 15th at 10:00am EST.

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More Learning Spaces!

From the desk of our VP of Programs, Dave Hammer:

Exciting news from Pittsburgh! The new Apraxia Kids office
space has a training room that can hold up to 15 participants along with
instructors.  6 separate tables allow for configuring the space to meet a
variety of needs.  A large screen TV monitor on the wall allows for easy
viewing of Power Point presenations and videos.  The training room is adjacent to the
child demonstration room with a two-way mirror between for observational
learning.  The first use of this room was Monday and Tuesday,
April 10th and 11th when the 2018 Apraxia Boot Camp
instructors met for curriculum writing. We look forward to many
opportunities to make use of this unique space in the future!


David Hammer, VP of Programs


Apraxia Summer Camp List

Are you looking for a summer opportunity for your child with apraxia? Kids with apraxia love summer camp just as much as other children do! Each year Apraxia Kids collects some ideas for summer camps that include a speech and language component to help children with apraxia continue to make progress and practice.

This list is not exhaustive, but is a great place to start! Check out our directory online to see if there’s a camp that’s a fit for your child.

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Apraxia Awareness brochure bigger

New Awareness Materials!

In search of a way to spread awareness? Looking for brochures to hand out to classmates, friends, or teachers to help them understand what apraxia is? We have brand new, FREE awareness materials to help spread the word about apraxia and Apraxia Kids! Requests of less than 25 items are free of charge. Go check them out on our website today and start spreading the word!

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Shop Apraxia Kids

Check Out Our

New Gear!

What is a new logo without a new way to display your support? We are thrilled to show you our new online store with a range of new awareness products! Your purchase gives children with apraxia of speech the tools they need to find their voices. 

Ready to check it out?

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