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Meet Apraxia Kids! Our new name, logo, and more.

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BIG NEWS: New Name, Same Us

A Letter from Our Executive Director    

Dear Friends:

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our new name and logo for our organization, Apraxia Kids. Since October of 2017, we have been working with MARC Advertising to help us create a new brand and logo as we transition our organization and our work into the future. We all agreed that we need to identify ourselves with a name that does not limit us to a specific region and that is recognizable by the general population, not just those already within our network.

This is not a decision we have made lightly. In order to determine our direction, MARC Advertising spent several months talking with many of our key stakeholders to seek their input about the organization, our visibility in the community, and how individuals discover us. Because our key platforms such as our website, social media and programming most often reference Apraxia Kids, we felt that this was the direction the organization should move towards.

The decision to change our name to Apraxia Kids was made with longevity and reach in mind, one that will position us to grow as an international organization with the ability to reach children with apraxia across the world. It is with great fondness that we say goodbye to our former identity as CASANA. It has served us well; yet we recognize that as time changes, so must we. It is with true excitement that we announce our future as Apraxia Kids and embrace a chapter of our organization’s history that will foster growth, reach, and success in supporting the community we call our own.

Though our name and logo have changed, the heart of what
we do has not.
Our mission remains the same: to strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with childhood apraxia of speech so that each child is afforded their best opportunity to develop speech and communicate. It is our hope that this rebrand will allow us to be more recognizable and accessible to families, educators, professionals, and children with apraxia who need our help.

We are so excited to step into this new chapter of our life as an organization with you. It is our hope that, together, with the support of our community of people like you, we can make the world a brighter place for children with apraxia. You are what makes us who we are, and we can’t wait to take this on with you. We welcome any questions that you may have. Please feel free to contact our staff at (412) 785-7072 or go to with any comments or questions you may have.

With excitement,

Angela Grimm
Executive Director

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2018 National Conference Scholarship Icon

Conference Scholarships

Have you always wanted to attend our National Conference on Apraxia of Speech, but just couldn’t quite figure out how? We have good news! CASANA will be offering a limited number of scholarships to aid families with financial need who may not otherwise be able to attend the Conference.

Parents and guardians of children diagnosed with apraxia are eligible for a scholarship. Priority will be given to applicants attending their first National Conference.

There are three different kinds of scholarships which are outlined on our website in full. The application MUST be postmarked by March 15th, 2018. Visit our website to download the application! The Conference will be held July 14-16 in Charlotte, NC.

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Apraxia Kids Be the Voice Logo

Have a Great Fundraising Idea?

Apraxia Kids is excited to introduce our do-it-yourself fundraising platform, Be The Voice. Do you have a great idea about how to raise money for apraxia? We want to help you make it happen! From marathons to car shows to birthday parties, the possibilities are endless.

Just last month, sisters Gabrielle and Emilie raised over $400 when they asked for donations in lieu of birthday presents. Join them in becoming an apraxia-fighting rock star today – contact for more information.


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Upcoming and Free Updated Sized

Free Webinar Every Month!


Strand Webinar Graphic Update

This month’s Free Webinar, “Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing,” was decided by our apraxia community in a poll in our in our Apraxia Kids Facebook Group. This webinar presented by Edith Strand, PhD, CCC-SLP, BC-NCD will focus on using auditory, visual, and tactile cueing. Primary issues for discussion include goals of treatment, making clinical decisions regarding stimuli, organizing practice, cueing, varying temporal relationship, feedback and pacing. This webinar is free for the entire month of March!  

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Upcoming Live Webinar:

Teamwork in Intervention for CAS

Can We Do It Webinar Graphic

This session presented live by Ruth Stoeckel, PhD, SLP-CCC, will describe ideas for organizing a team of caregivers and therapists to coordinate intervention activities for a child with CAS. Good communicationa mong family members, SLPs, and other members of the child’s team is essential. Specific ideas from parents, providers, and teachers will be shared to stimulate thoughts about how to develop your own team where you live. This webinar takes place on April 6th at 1:00pm EST.

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Friends in New Communities

From the desk of our VP of Programs, Dave Hammer:

This week I had the honor and pleasure of being invited to and attending the second International Symposium on Cognitive Research and Disorders in St Augustine, Florida. Experts in cognitive research and
treatment from around the country presented on the first day a series of
20-minute TED-Style sessions ranging from Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome to Litigation – all important topics that overlap what we face in working with children with apraxia and their families.  At night they held “community” sessions open to parents and families who wanted to learn from experts in many fields. I was privileged to present one of those community sessions and
then I followed the next morning with a 90 minute talk on CAS.  The room for that talk was overflowing and only a very small percentage of attendees were Speech-Language Pathologists!  Through my talk, I was able to reach out to researchers, therapists, and other professionals who may never have heard of CAS before.  The audience was very responsive and I left feeling a great sense of pride for what our apraxia community has accomplished over
these years.


David Hammer, VP of Programs

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Meet Our Fundraising Team!

Every month in our newsletter, we will be introducing you to the Apraxia Kids staff!
First, we would like you to meet our Fundraising Team: Justin, Molly, and Tara.
These three keep our Walk for Apraxia program running smoothly in over 60
communities around the United States and Canada. Though our amazing volunteer
Walk Coordinators organize Walk events individually in different cities, our
Fundraising team is there to support them every step of the way. The Walk for
Apraxia program is Apraxia Kids’ main fundraising event, drawing more than
14,000 walkers annually to celebrate the children with apraxia in their lives. 

Everyone in our Fundraising Team has a role to help us support as many regions as possible. Molly helps write grants, seeks foundation support, and is spearheading our new Be The Voice fundraising efforts. Tara provides direct support to volunteers across the country who currently organize or want to start Walks in their communities. She works collaboratively with volunteers to help establish and grow the events to ensure that thousands of people have a memorable experience at a Walk. Justin oversees and supports the entire department to help diversify Apraxia Kid’s funding support. He is focusing on providing direct support to larger metropolitan walk communities.

Our Fundraising Team does much more than just this, but we hope this sampling helps you get a sense of who we are! We look forward to introducing you to another team in April.


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Apraxia Awareness Month

Awareness Day? How About Awareness Month!

Every year on May 14th we celebrate Apraxia Awareness Day and commit to spreading awareness in our local and online communities. This year we are increasing our efforts and extending Apraxia Awareness Day to Apraxia Awareness Month! Celebrate with us for the ENTIRE month of May! More details will be available soon on how you can get involved!

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New Office

With a new logo, a new name, and a new office, there’s a lot going on at Apraxia Kids! As of March 5th, our organization has moved to a new office space in the North Shore area of Pittsburgh. We’re excited to share with you soon all the ways that this will help us grow as an organization. In the meantime, please update your mailing address for us to:

1501 Reedsdale St, Ste. 202, Pittsburgh PA 15233.


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New Store Coming Soon

New Us, New Store!

What is a new logo without a new way to display your support? We are thrilled to be relaunching our online store with a range of new awareness products! Your purchase gives children with apraxia of speech the tools they need to find their voices. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the store to go live!

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Help Us Support Apraxia Stars Today!

We do what we do because of amazing donors like you.

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Deadline to Apply to National Conference Scholarships

Apraxia Kids is offering limited Conference Scholarships for eligible applicants. Apply today!



Teamwork in Intervention for CAS Webinar

This webinar presented by Dr. Ruth Stoeckel, PhD, SLP-CCC will be on April 6th, 2018 from 1-2pm. Sign up now!


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