Dave Hammer Participates in Sign Language Panel at University of Pittsburgh

On April 21st, Dave and Kenda Hammer participated in a panel presentation at the University of Pittsburgh on the use of sign language with hearing children.

Sarah sign language talk

Sarah Steward, an undergraduate freshman at Pitt with an intense interest in sign language, invited the Hammers to contribute to her project by drawing upon their experience using sign language for children with apraxia and children in an early childhood education classroom.  As a student in the undergraduate class where Dave lectured in March on childhood apraxia of speech, Sarah followed up with an invitation to join her in presenting her project.



Sarah’s goal is to see sign language courses become a requirement for undergraduate majors in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Pitt.  It is great to see such passion from students who then reach out to CASANA to learn more about childhood apraxia of speech.  At CASANA, we strive to reach out to university students, as they are the future for ongoing support of children with CAS and their families.   Our CASANA walks, and lectures such as this given by our staff, provide much needed outreach in this endeavor to involve college students in the apraxia journey.