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States, counties and cities often issue “proclamations” to designate May 14th as Apraxia Awareness Day.  Currently about 40 states have volunteers working to obtain proclamations.  Click here for more information about getting a proclamation in your area!



2017 Apraxia Awareness Day Materials

2017 Awareness Day Shirt


Use your blog to write about Apraxia Awareness Day on May 14th!  Share something related to:

  • What have your challenges with apraxia been?
  • How has your support network helped you?

Be sure to alert us about your blog by tagging us on Facebook and Twitter or emailing us at so we can share it on our social media.

Classroom activitiess



Mothers of preschoolers group with their children
Parents or teachers could read the book I Want To Be Your Friend or the booklet What I Want To Tell You About Apraxia; for Classmates and Friends in the classroom.

Once again, our community loves to see parents getting out there and raising Apraxia Awareness in their child’s classroom!  Have the teacher take a photo or two on your phone and send them our way so we can share on May 14th!

Social Media

Use Apraxia Awareness images for your Facebook or Twitter profile picture and your cover photo. Update your status frequently on May 14th and share information you feel is important for your friends to know and understand!






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