CASANA Announces New SLP Directory: Helping Parents to Locate Experienced Professionals

CASANA SLP Directory

CASANA is pleased to announce our new online SLP Directory!  The new directory on our website is designed to allow parents and caregivers of children with apraxia of speech to locate speech-language pathologists in their area that have expertise in treating childhood apraxia of speech.

Because CAS is relatively rare, we know that not all clinicians have had a great deal of exposure to children with apraxia, not in their graduate school training and not in their day to day clinical experience.  Additionally, recent research and evidence-based practices are critical knowledge for the SLP in order to provide accurate diagnosis and the most effective speech therapy.

For this reason, a process has been set up for clinicians to apply to be listed in the directory.  The process includes an online quiz and a series of questions that, to the best that we are capable, will help distinguish SLPs with up-to-date knowledge, training, experience, and understanding about the complex speech challenges of children with apraxia of speech.  We believe that the professional community concerned for children with apraxia of speech shares our goal to help children with CAS with the most effective therapy possible.

Also, it will take time for the directory to populate with eligible speech-language pathologists so please check back if there is no listing in your area.  We also appreciate this announcement being shared to qualified SLPs who may want to be involved and families.

The CASANA SLP Directory is located HERE.

If you are an SLP who is interested in being listed in the directory, click HERE.

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CASANA is extremely grateful to the Once Upon a Time Foundation for their funding and collaboration on this project.  For questions or additional information about the directory, you may contact