When We Think About Giving Thanks..


As we approach Thanksgiving, the staff and Board of Directors of us at CASANA send our thanks to you. The good we are able to achieve for children with apraxia and their families is because you, and others like you, took the time to help. You made a decision to get behind our cause – helping children with apraxia find their voices. We are so grateful to you for standing with us in support.

You are a hero in our eyes, as are those children with apraxia who struggle so much just to speak. May you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Finally, five short days from now is a national day of giving. It is called Giving Tuesday. Please help us spread the word. Keep an eye out for our communications next Tuesday, December 1st. Help others make the same decision that you did to stand with CASANA in support of children with apraxia.

Sharon Gretz
Executive Director/Founder

Giving Tuesday with Stretchy