It’s August and That Means Back to School for Kids with Apraxia!

It’s Apraxia-KIDS Back to School Resources!

It’s August and back to school time for our kids! We thought that some of our resources may help you successfully launch your child with apraxia for the school year.

One thing that many parents worry about is helping the new teachers to understand childhood apraxia of speech and how your child may be impacted in the classroom. We have a free download called “My Child Has Apraxia: Letter to a Teacher” as well as other download documents that you may find helpful.

A great newer resource is a color booklet designed especially for classroom teachers, called, An Introduction to Childhood Apraxia of Speech for Classroom Teachers. It describes CAS in simple terms; provides apraxia facts at a glance; impact in the classroom and how teachers can help the child in the classroom.

We can also help classmates understand with the booklet, What I Want to Tell You About Apraxia: For Classmates and Friends, with kid written and friendly helpful tips. Another resource for classmates, is the book I Want to Be Your Friend, written from the perspective of young Emma who has apraxia and wants to let her classmates know about her struggle but also how she is just like them and wants to be friends.

But ….. our children are way more than just being kids with a severe speech issue, they also have many strengths, special interests, motivators, etc. Have you considering creating an “All About Me” book about your child to share with his or her school team?  This resource can help the school team see the “whole” child!

That said, sometimes parents feel very worried that others may bully their child. There are some unique risks to children with disabilities who are bullied as discussed in this article, What is Bullying? Are There Unique Risks for Children with Disabilities?  We have a terrific online webinar that all parents and school personnel should view, sharing special perspectives of how we can minimize bullying for children with apraxia of speech.

Often our children receive some speech and language testing early in the school year. Understanding Tests and Measurements is an online learning opportunity to help parents make sense of the jargon, the terms and methods used to test our children with apraxia and how to interpret them.

Once, a child’s current level of performance is understood, their IEP team (which includes parents) focuses on creating measurable goals. The webinar, Creating IEP Goals for Children with Apraxia, can help teams think about how apraxia impacts a child’s functioning in the school setting and how to set appropriate goals.

We hope that this helps get you started in an amazing and successful school year for your child!

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