Upcoming Webinar – The Association Method: A Collaborative Approach to Treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Literacy in the Classroom

A CASANA LIVE webinar…

The Association Method: A Collaborative Approach to Treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Literacy in the Classroom


Featured Speakers: Mary M. Miller, M.S., Ed., Nicole A. Silva, M.A., CCCSLP, and Maria T. Unger, M.A., CCCSLP

(ASHA CEs are available for this webinar)

The Association Method is a structured, phonetic, incremental, and multisensory approach for teaching speech, language, and literacy. This webinar will explore background and principles of the Association Method and how its use has shown benefits in literacy skills of students with Childhood Apraxia of Speech at TALK Institute and School in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. The presentation will highlight ways in which the Association Method incorporates principles of Motor Learning Theory through structured practice and classroom carryover activities. Three presenters (two SLPs and one reading specialist) will share strategies for collaboration between SLPs and educators addressing literacy and CAS in the classroom.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 @ 10:00 PM – 11:30 AM US/EDT

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM US/EDT


A Message From CASANA Executive Director, Sharon Gretz

When CASANA first started, we had no idea if things would grow; how they would grow and where the adventure would take us. The last few years, thanks to public support and the hard work of amazing volunteers, staff and board members, CASANA’s programs and research have greatly expanded. Recently, CASANA made the decision to take another new step, in part, because of what we view as a once in a lifetime opportunity, one too good to pass up.


We are so pleased to announce that on May 1, international apraxia expert David Hammer will officially join the CASANA staff to lead some new initiatives. David Hammer has always been on CASANA’s esteemed Professional Advisory Board as a trusted advisor, volunteering many hours of time and energy, but his anticipated day to day contribution on our staff is one generating great excitement. David has spent over 30 years at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC and while he retires from that setting, he will bring his “master” clinician, teacher, coach and mentoring skills to CASANA.

“It’s amazing how things come full circle in life. Such is the case with my connection to CASANA,” says David Hammer. “The seeds of the organization actually first saw light in the observation room of my office at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh where Sharon Gretz, CASANA’s founder, and another parent sat to observe their sons in dyad speech therapy with me. It was during a conversation between them that Sharon began brainstorming ways to ensure that more information was available to parents of children with apraxia and professionals. I certainly have been blessed to have a long- standing career in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. The opportunity to now work with the outstanding CASANA staff, the dedicated and supportive board, and the families and children serviced by this great organization will complete the circle and I could not be more excited.”

CASANA Board President, Dr. Mary Sturm, states that, “The Board of Directors of CASANA is honored to announce that speech-language pathologist and CAS expert David Hammer will begin as the Director of Professional Development and Speech Services on May 1. The imminent retirement of Mr. Hammer from Children’s Hospital has provided CASANA with an opportunity to acquire the lifelong expertise of this world-wide respected champion of children with CAS.”

Raise Apraxia Awareness! CASANA Distributing Packets of Materials for Apraxia Awareness Day.

UPDATE April 2, 2014In just one day all of our information packets have been claimed.  CASANA will work toward ordering more and trying to have them available by May 14, Apraxia Awareness Day.  Sorry for your inconvenience.   We did not realize how very popular they would be.

Please join us in raising apraxia awareness in your community! There are many ways to help in the cause.  One way is to consider distributing some materials in your community or providing materials to a school, library, physicians office, etc.  CASANA is giving away a limited number of free Apraxia Awareness Packets and will ship them on April 28th to households in the United States and Canada.

What is included?

– Two posters 15 x 22 inches – “What is Apraxia?”

This simple to understand poster is perfect to display in the community and gives a basic description of where in the speech process children with apraxia have difficulty.


 – Five Apraxia Awareness brochures

This trifold brochure which includes a lay description and overview of apraxia, its assessment, treatment, and when to be concerned about a child’s speech.


– Two copies of the booklet “An Introduction to Childhood Apraxia of Speech for Classroom Teachers”

New for 2014, this 4 page booklet includes sections: What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech?; Apraxia at a Glance; Classroom Impact, How to Help, and Parents Praise Teachers Who Make a Difference.


To order your Apraxia Awareness Packet click here.

Everyone can find a way to participate on May 14 and beyond. To learn more about what you can do to promote Apraxia Awareness Day visit our Awareness Day hub by clicking here.