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The Apraxia-KIDS listserv is a free, moderated e-mail discussion group of approximately 2,500 members from around the world. The purpose of the Apraxia-KIDS listserv is to provide an electronic forum for information sharing related to apraxia, its assessment, treatment and the language, learning, social and educational ramifications to the children. Apraxia-KIDS is not a closed list; it is open to parents, therapists, educators, researchers and anyone else who wants to discuss and learn about childhood apraxia of speech.

The term “subscribe” is simply a computer command to the computer server and Listserv software on which the Apraxia-KIDS list is hosted. There is no cost to join the list, nor are you obligated in any way. Additionally, you can unsubscribe at any time you choose.

How A Listserv Works…

A listserv works like this: subscribers send an e-mail post to the list address and the Listserv software sees to it that the note is automatically distributed to all list members. If someone wants to reply to the post they can choose to reply to the list address, in which case their response gets distributed to all members, or they can chose to reply privately to the individual. You should know that the Apraxia-KIDS list is very active with numerous postings per day. However, once you subscribe you can set options in order to receive one email a day, containing all of the notes posted to the listserv for that day (set digest command).

How To Subscribe…

To subscribe to the Apraxia-Kids list :

Send an e-mail message to:

In the message portion of the e-mail, type: subscribe apraxia-kids yourfirstname yourlastname

(Please note: Insert your name where indicated. Type precisely. Misspelling or imprecise typing will cause your request to be rejected.)