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Learn about Apraxia Parent Support Groups; download handouts and flyers; and see resources about all issues related to children with apraxia of speech.

  • Low Cost Speech Therapy

    University Speech Clinics Often universities that offer a masters degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences or Speech-Language Pathology have speech and language clinics where their students gain valuable experience under the direction of clinical faculty. The cost of these services is typically much less than other sources of private therapy. This searchable guide to graduate […]

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  • Parents Share: How To Help Your Child with Speech Practice At Home

    How to get your child with apraxia to practice speech at home. This article includes dozens of ideas for every day life and play opportunities for speech practice.

    Over 200 parents were in attendance for the 2006 CASANA National Apraxia Parent Conference, in St. Paul, Minnesota. One very popular lecture session was “How To Help Your Child with Speech Practice At Home.” Children with apraxia of speech need many, many practice opportunities for their speech to improve and become more intelligible. Below are […]

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  • Speech and Language Disorder links

    Links to other speech and language challenges and disorders.

    Auditory Processing Disorders From the American Speech Language Hearing Association The Difference Between Auditory Processing and Language Processing From Northshore Pediatric Therapy Children’s Speech Sound Disorders By Caroline Bowen, PH.D., Great article on the terminology and definitions for speech sound disorders Information about Speech and Language Disorders from The National Information Center for Children and […]

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  • Recommended Books for Families

    Order books from Amazon by clicking through the logo or on the book titles below, and Apraxia-KidsSMInternet Resources will receive a small donation for your purchase! A Mind at a Time By Mel Levine From Levine incorporates scientific research to show readers how the eight neurodevelopmental systems evolve, interact, and contribute to a […]

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  • Recommended Books for Children with Apraxia of Speech

    Parents and therapists from the Apraxia-KidsSM e-mail discussion list have recommended the following books for children with apraxia. The books may be a fun way to get in additional speech practice andmultiple repetitions of words and phrases that many think is helpful to children with apraxia. Special thanks to Karen Eagle for collecting and compiling […]

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  • Online Speech Practice Activities and Materials

    Below are links to free materials or online games and activities for speech practice American Sign Language Browser Articulation Activities/Games/Ideas Have More Fun Speech pathologist Tracy Boyd shares online games and ideas for articulation (school age population) Materials That Can Be Adapted for Therapy From Judith Kuster Phonetics Animation Project This is an incredible site […]

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  • Neuropsychology: Links

    What is Neuropsychology? Frequently Asked Questions What is Neuropsychology? What is a Neuropsychologist? What is Neuropsychological Evaluation? Pediatric Neuropsychology links for

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  • Software for Speech Practice

    Below are descriptions of software programs for professionals that are being used by some clinicians while working with children who have apraxia. Articulation I: Consonant Phonemes On Articulation I each target phoneme has 20 words in each of the initial, medial, and final positions. The 1,320 words are grouped by phoneme pairs into eleven categories. […]

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  • Links: Apraxia Assessment Tools

    The Verbal Motor Production Assessment for Children (VMPAC) Deborah Hayden, M.A., CCC-SLP and Paula Square, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Identify children with motor issues that have negative effects on the development of normal speech motor control. Pinpoint where the child begins to have difficulty, with items arranged from basic to complex. This test leads you step-by-step through […]

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  • Learning Disabilities Links and Resources

    All Kinds of Minds A nonprofit institute for the understanding of differences in learning The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) (formerly The Orton Dyslexia Society) Interventions for Children with Dyslexia Who Have Phonological Core Deficits LD OnLine “The interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and children.” Web site includes LD-In-Depth, “…you’ll find articles written […]

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