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Links to Insurance and Funding Resources

Making Sense of Your Health Insurance Plan – from the American Speech Language Hearing Association

Getting Health Plans to Pay for Pediatric Verbal Apraxia

Consumer Checklist for Getting Improved Speech-Language Service Coverage In Your Insurance Policy
For less than $1.00 per month you can add coverage to your health plan that will help you or your child speak or hear better, enjoy reading, and succeed socially. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association has developed a checklist that will assist you in approaching your employer to obtain or improve coverage.

Navigating “Deeming Waivers” from Medicaid for Children with Disabilities

Fighting A Health Insurance Claim Denial

How to Appeal Health Insurance Denial

How To Avoid A Health Insurance Denial – and What To Do If You Can’t

How to make claims under a self-insured health plan

Health Savings Accounts
HSAs enable you to pay for current health expenses and save for future qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax-free basis.

The Lindsay Foundation
Can sometimes cover some costs associated with speech therapy or equipment

Small Steps in Speech
Assists children by funding small grants for speech and language therapies.  We, CASANA, provide special funding to SSIS to help our families with children that  have apraxia.  Grants are awarded quarterly through the year.

United Healthcare Foundation
Provides grants for medical costs that are not covered or not covered fully under a families commercial insurance plan, such as speech therapy. Income requirements also apply.

Scottish RiteCare Speech Clinics
Some Scottish Rite speech and language clinics do not charge or have a sliding fee for speech therapy based on a families ability to pay. They are not located in all communities.

Getting Insurance To Fund iPad for Your Child’s Communication Needs