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Essential Fatty Acids: Links

Essential fatty acids are fatty acids that are necessary for normal human growth and development and cannot be manufactured within the body. They must come from the diet. There are several families of EFAs, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

As of 2015, independent, scientific studies documenting benefits of EFAs for the treatment of childhood apraxia of speech do not exist. When “dyspraxia” is referred to in the information below, the term is used to indicate a global dyspraxia of fine and gross motor, not speech apraxia (verbal dyspraxia). There are anecdotal reports from parents that EFA’s may have benefitted their child, most frequently in attention and willingness to attempt speech. A number of parents have reported no effect at all. Some parents report their children had a bad reaction to certain EFA products.  In no cases has CASANA learned of children receiving EFA supplementation who did not still require years of speech therapy, just as children who do not receive supplementation do.

Parents should always make efforts to obtain medical advice before giving their child supplements. “Natural” does not mean risk-free. CASANA encourages parents to objectively explore all available information and make good decisions with the counsel of their medical consultants.

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