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Today CASANA announces that it is accepting applications for the 2014 “iPads for Apraxia” program. iPads and their “apps” are being used by both families and professionals to support speech practice, communication, and learning in children with severe communication disorders like apraxia. Since 2011, CASANA has awarded 215 iPads and protective cases to eligible children with apraxia from low to moderate income families who might not otherwise be able to afford the technology.

CASANA will accept applications on a rolling basis until August 1, 2014 and will, periodically, through this period award iPads and protective cases. This program is made possible through the generous contributions of donors through The Walk for Children with Apraxia ® as well as the Silent Star Foundation and The Brad J. Pinkowitz Memorial Fund.

For more information, rules, guidelines, and the application packet, click here.