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ipad(PITTSBURGH, PA) SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 – The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) is accepting applications for its 2013 “iPads for Apraxia” program.  The program was initiated in 2011 and, to date, has provided iPads and protective cases to 115 children with severe apraxia of speech from low to moderate income families.  The use of this mobile technology has not only engaged and motivated children with apraxia of various ages, but its usage has led to increases in the amount of home practice on the children’s speech therapy goals and skills.  Equally important, applications (“Apps”) on the iPads enable their use as “talkers” or augmentative communication systems as the children continue to practice speaking more clearly.

This year, CASANA hopes to award 100 iPads and cases to children from low to moderate income families and also small, nonprofit speech therapy clinics and centers. Funding for the program is raised through the Walk for Children with Apraxia®.  Additionally, the Silent Stars Foundation and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield are financially supporting this project.  Applications must be received by 5:00 PM EDT/US, Friday, October 4, 2013.  For more information and the application, click here.

Developers of iPad apps that would like to donate free codes for speech, language, or communication apps may send an email to  CASANA will distribute the free codes to the children who receive iPads, as appropriate and indicated by their needs. A list of App donors will be publicized through the Apraxia-KIDS resources.