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About the iPad Program:

iPADS for Apraxia started as a pilot project in 2011. We wondered and asked how might the iPad technology benefit children with apraxia of speech. With funding generated by the Walks for Children with Apraxia of Speech, and donated by the Silent Stars Foundation, CASANA’s Board of Director’s authorized the pilot project in which we gave forty (40) iPads, protective cases, extended warranties, “apps” and training to children with apraxia of speech in the United States and Canada. The board, however, wanted data at the end about if or how the iPads had been useful and in what ways. Dr. Heather Rusiewicz from Duquesne University has presented data on how parents and speech-language pathologists saw iPad use for children with apraxia (click here to read more).  Since the initial year, CASANA has provided over 200 iPads and cases to children with apraxia.

In 2014, we are continuing this valuable program and will be awarding iPad Minis and protective cases.  We want to also thank the Silent Stars Foundation for once again contributing and partnering on this program and also a new partner, The Brad J. Pinkowitz Memorial Fund.  We also thank the many generous donors, volunteers, and participants in the Walk for Children with Apraxia who make this program possible!

CASANA will be accepting applications on a “rolling” basis through September 2014.  Throughout this time frame, we will periodically be notifying families of children who are selected through the application process.  The first awards will be made around Apraxia Awareness Day (May 14, 2014) and continue until September 2014.

CASANA will be accepting applications by postal mail or alternative mail carrier only (no exceptions). Emailed or faxed applications will not be considered. All applications must be POSTMARKED BY AUGUST 1, 2014. Please note, there will be absolutely NO exceptions made, therefore plan the mailing of your application accordingly.

All applicants must be from the United States or Canada. Applications that do not include all required information or are not POSTMARKED by the deadline of August 1, 2014 will be disqualified.

No phone calls please. We are unable to accept phone inquiries to help you with the application. See the Application Packet for information about completing the application. An email address is provided in the application packet and is the only place for questions to be asked and answered. That email address is . You must read the packet carefully before submitting any questions. Questions already answered in the packet will not be answered by email. Questions posted to any other email address or to Facebook will not be answered.

General Requirements:

For applications by Parents/Guardians:

  • Child must be under age 18 and living in the United States or Canada.
  • Child must have a diagnosis of apraxia of speech
  • Child’s family must meet financial requirements for adjusted gross family annual income and submit documentation requested in the application packet:
Your family size
(per tax return)
 Adjusted Gross
2 $45,000 or less
3 $55,000 or less
4 $70,000 or less
5 $85,000 or less
6 $100,000 or less
  • Parent or guardian must fully complete program application.
  • Child’s current Speech-language pathologist must complete a questionnaire and letter of recommendation as part of application process.
  • Evidence of residency must be provided.

All required information must be submitted by mail carrier and POSTMARKED in one packet by the deadline of August 1, 2014.


We anticipate many, many more applications than available iPads.  Therefore, when all other factors are equal, priority will be given to older children ( age 18 and younger) with significant speech issues; children with severe apraxia, and/or children from communities participating in the 2014 Walk for Children with Apraxia® (defined as general region within 25 miles of a Walk Community, for a list go to  Additionally, CAS must be the primary reason for communication impairment.  Children who do not meet these priorities may still apply and may be selected, however, when another equal applicant is considered, the priority areas will be used.  The decisions of the selection committee are final.

—–> Download Parent/Guardian iPad Application Packet <—–