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Dear Friends of CASANA:

As you know, I was hired on an interim basis to serve as the Executive Director.  This decision to hire me was based on my 35+ years in management of social service nonprofits.  It was also because I have knowledge of how to grow an organization to serve the most number of children in the most cost effective way.  I am thrilled to tell you that CASANA has a dedicated, talented, committed and passionate staff serving it.  And it deserves a permanent leader who has the ability to build this organization to serve the most number of children and their families throughout this country and the other countries we serve.  And I know you understand that we have internal expertise in the assessment of and treatment of apraxia of speech.

I am pleased to announce that the Board has authorized the posting of the Executive Director position.  Should you know of anyone who, in your opinion, has the credentials to lead this organization and build a structure to serve as many children and families as possible and to secure additional dollars to fund research, scholarships, iPads, and support for families requiring evaluations, please share this link with them.

Click here to view the job posting.

Interim Executive Director
Michele R. Atkins